Wildlife Preservation with the new presidential administration

Valuemags sells magazine subscriptions to the American consumer. They have many titles available for customers to choose from and some of them might be even free. To be able to get people to find them online, they are active on social media and have partnered up with different affiliates. People tend to engage with magazines on social media when compared with other forms of media.


That is why is it important for anyone involved in the magazine industry to write and post interesting content for online audiences to kind and join the conversation. National Geographic is one of the most read magazines in the United States. They cover stories from all over the world educating the average american on issues and topics they would never come across previously. They have recently posted an article on their Facebook page regarding the issue of global warming and the preservation of wildlife under the Trump Administration. Usually, in past elections, no one has given much thought about the link between who is president and wildlife protection before. When candidates discuss issues like the economy, trade, and national security, wildlife has a role in each of these topics.

Valuemags is a company based out of America and acquires all of their resources within the country like their employees and other things needed to run the business. This is a fairly straightforward scenario when compared to that of illegal wildlife trade. It is a multibillion-dollar industry that causes no much more negativity to all parties involved. Usually these kinds of activities take place in developing countries. When people harm animals for their own economic benefit, it destabilizes these countries, thrives on corruption, and it pays for wars and terrorism. It is actually simpler to be in the animal trade rather than smuggle drugs or humans. There is less punishment and what people can gain from being involved in such activity can have a payoff just as large as other forms of trafficking. Think of elephant ivory and rhino horns, which can be valued at high six figures or even seven figure digits.

With the rate these poachers are going, elephants can be going extinct soon. Believe it or not, there are already about 33,000 that are killed every year just for their tusks. Other animals have also suffered this kind of fate since a part of them can be valued for thousands of dollars. Valuemags gives readers opportunities to learn about stories like this and more.

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