What is a High Lift Pallet Truck?

A High Lift Pallet Truck will typically have a lifting system which consists of just one cylinder. It’s a type of pallet truck which may be utilized with open bottom-style pallets. These pallet trucks definitely minimize workplace back injuries which are linked with repetitive strain. Without a high lift pallet truck, workers may hurt their backs while bending down in order to unload warehouse pallets.

While models vary based on brand and price point, most high lift pallet trucks have some features which are quite similar. For example, they have single hydraulic rams, as well as capacities of one thousand kilograms. In addition, they have lowered fork heights which measure around eighty-five millimetres and max fork heights of around eight hundred millimetres.

Fork sizes range around one hundred and sixty-two by fifty millimetres and fork lengths are usually about eleven hundred and fifty millimetres.


Usually, you will be able to choose from a few positions, which will give you and your staff more options while high lift pallet trucks are in operation.

The best way to find the right model is to think about what you need it for and then look around and see which suppliers offer the features that you want. As well, you should give some thought to brand reputation. You’ll need to know that you’re buying a superior brand which is respected in the UK or worldwide.

Also, you should always order a high lift pallet truck from a trusted online supplier. The best way to gather information about brands, suppliers and models is to look for reviews and other online information. Taking this extra step will be a smart way to shop for high lift pallet trucks.

Shop for a New Model Today

A lot of good suppliers offer these styles. It’s best to buy from a UK company, so look for high lift pallet truck suppliers that are based in the UK and which specialize in meeting the needs of UK suppliers. Once you’ve found these types of suppliers, and these companies should get great ratings from customers, you will be ready to move forward and make a purchase. It’s all about taking your time and choosing wisely.

Be sure to compare prices for the model that you like best. When you do compare prices, you’ll boost the chances of saving money. Online suppliers want your business and the best will price their high lift forklifts competitively in order to ensure that their products are as appealing to consumers as possible.

We believe that high lift pallet trucks are practical choices. They help workers to avoid back injuries and also help to improve productivity. For this reason, we feel that these pallet trucks are great additions to warehouses and to other places where pallets are utilized in order to store goods.

Now that you know more about these pallet trucks, including what they typically offer in terms of features and how to find the best UK suppliers, why not shop for one of these designs today? We know that you’ll be able to find the perfect make and model.

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