Pre-Planning for Your Event

The Online Reputation Management Company is hosting a large event party for their employees along with family and e their clients and potential clients. It is important to pre-plan any major or large event and the number one way to start is to know your audience and understand who you are targeting at the event. You need to also make your event unique and different compared to a competing business in order to make your attendees excited and generating buzz about this event. You need to first start by identifying who are your stakeholders for the event and who the key people are in this situation.


If you really want to be successful with your pre-event planning, you should set goals for your event and first discuss what you are trying to accomplish with this event. If for example it is just a celebration party, then your goal is to have collaboration and attendance. If you are hosting an event for a new product launch or service launch, your goal would be to raise donations and of course to have as much free publicity as possible. Different goals to consider for your event:

  1. How much publicity you get
  2. Attendance
  3. Donations or money raised
  4. Motivation
  5. Awareness
  6. Collaboration
  7. Other

another important aspect is selecting a theme for your event and this should be done before actually booking the venue. Every venue has a different theme to it and you want to make sure everything coordinates with your vision and what you have planned so far. At your venue, you need to consider who will provide the food or cater the food, if the venue includes the chair setup and table set up, does it include a stage and microphones? A projector or laptop? So much can go wrong during a big corporate event if nothing is planned accordingly and coordinated properly and that is why pre-event planning is important.

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