Knowing the Right Marketing Metrics Helps Businesses

Valuemags is in the business of offering customers free and paid magazine subscriptions. Because of the fact that they are an online business, it is important to see where their traffic is coming from and how far along the funnel they go to purchase something.

It is important when starting a campaign or strategy to know if you can measure along the way. Generally speaking all of the key parts of your project will likely be measured. The idea behind being able to gather all that information on your project is to understand if you have performed well or if something needs to be revised. Valuemags sets up goals before writing up their project or campaign. Depending on what these goals are, your metrics need to change accordingly. There are a few key ones that people look for regardless of what they are measuring like overall traffic, conversions and bounce rate.


Overall traffic is the number of total people who have engaged with your site. This metric can eventually broken down by demographics and geography to understand your target market better. Valuemags can even pull out the amount of traffic by season. This way, they could put more marketing dollars on a period of time when people are known to naturally search more for magazines or a particular magazine. It is quite simple to get these stats since all you have to do is add a code to your html.

Another key piece of information to look at is where the traffic is coming from. Are they coming from Google through a search, are they directly going to your website? Is it through a referral from another site or is it through your social media channels? If a particular channel’s traffic is high, it can indicate you are taking the right steps in your marketing strategy. You even know where to focus your efforts in the future to make sure the numbers in the others go up as well.

Conversion is the reason companies can go on. Usually if someone says what their conversion rate it is means how many customers bought something off your site. In reality it can mean something you want people to do like download whitepaper. If your conversion rate is low, it may mean people are experiencing difficulty in going through the steps of the sales process.

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