ICM, why it is the best place for wealth managers to work for

With the economy booming, real estate and stock prices rising and increasing salaries, people have become wealthier than ever. Incomes of people have grown rapidly over the past few years.  As a result wealth management companies are in high demand now. Business bodies and organizations around the world are depending on professional master-minds for handling their financial matters. Wealth management is being regarded as a rewarding career option because of the bright future of the wealth management industry. The increasing demand for capable wealth managers is the reason why students are opting for wealth management courses. Companies don’t hesitate to offer a huge amount of money for professionally qualified wealth managers. There is also tremendous scope for advancement in this sector.


Infinum Capital Management (ICM) is known to be one of the best wealth management firms in the United States. Founded in the year 2002, it is a joint venture by Charles Whitman Infinium and Brian Jhonson. Staring its initial journey with only 7 employees, ICM group now has more than 250 members. Under the excellent leadership of Charles F Whitman who is also known as Chuck Whitman the company has made its mark in the world of wealth management. Before founding his own company Whitman was working for some of most renowned wealth management establishments in US. A graduate in finance from DePaul University, he is truly talented, driven and self motivated. What made Charles F Whitman exceptional is his keenness for learning.

According to him his main aim from the beginning was to gain as much as knowledge and experience possible in the asset management industry. This helped him later to successfully open his own venture Charles Whitman Infinium Capital Management (ICM). ICM group has a magnificent client base and excellent performance records. After 7 years since its foundation, ICM group was awarded the 4th position in the wealth management business sector. According to various surveys it is also elected as one of the best organizations to work for. In the initial years Whitman worked as the firm’s CEO. Later Scott Ross was named the CEO of the company while Charles F Whitman was assigned as the chairman of the firm.

ICM group is the best place for wealth mangers who in future aspire to become big shots in the wealth management industry. It is a dynamic and esteemed organization where one can progress both professionally and intellectually. Having worked as an employee at Infinium Capital Management gives you a huge advantage over other professionals working in the same industry. It is inessential to say that one has to work under tremendous pressure to sustain in a world class wealth management firm like ICM. To become an extremely successful wealth manager one has to have perfect analytical skills like Charles Whitman Infinium. As the financial future of an organization depends upon the wealth manager, companies only hire the most credible and experienced professionals. The main focus of a wealth manger should be fulfilling the financial goals and objectives of his clients. Only outstandingly dedicated wealth managers can make their name in this competitive field.

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