How to Grow Your Business with SEM

Many business use Search Engine Marketing, which is referred to as pay-per-click and paid search, which basically allows any company like the GWC Valves International to advertise your business on different search engines. How search engine marketing works is you first off need to buy keywords that are related to their business and products by bidding on them. The highest bid gets the top position. The best way to choose keywords is to put yourself in the shoes of your customers and identify what they would type into the search engine when conducting an online search.


There are five benefits when it comes to using search engine marketing which include:

  1. SEM levels the playing field: search engines like Google measure relevancy between each ad and each individual search query. If it is deemed more relevant to the searcher, your ad can appear on a major store known worldwide compared to your store that is know locally.
  1. SEM is easy to measure: paid search is all about numbers since everything is trackable. SEM advertisers can start viewing data including how many clicks they have received on an ad, or which keyword drove a specific amount of people on a particular day.
  1. SEM is cost effective: the advertiser is not charged until someone clicks on their ad, so the average value of return is very goof. While spending more money and thus bidding more aggressively on keywords, can potentially help an ad rank better when it comes to relevancy.
  1. SEM can be implemented quickly: a paid search campaign can be launched within a day, which makes it easy to test different messaging and promote a product fast.
  1. SEM increases visibility: SEM gives advertisers full control of whom they want to target which means the right audience will be seeing their business or products.

It is important to understand that SEM and SEO actually work hand-in-hand together since SEM can enhance your SEO strategy.

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