Get your marine cargo insured to avoid losses

The concept of import and export of the goods through sea route is very old. Waterways are being used for transportation in the present time also. But now it is more secured and advanced. During transportation through ship there are risks of drowning, water damage, theft by pirates, fire accident on the way etc. Hence, these can cause a lot of loss to the cargo owners. To avoid this type of losses, cargo owners are needed to get their cargoes insured under the suitable insurance policy. There are so many insurers that offer Marine Cargo Insurance at cheap rates. Get in touch with the reliable insurance company for insuring your cargo.


Marine insurance cover policy

There are different types of marine insurance policies so the sellers and the customers can select the best suitable type of insurance cover for their cargoes. It is the best way to transport the cargo without losses of the parties involved.

Contingency insurance policy: This type of insurance cover is suitable for sellers because it has lower premium rates. In this insurance cover, the customer and seller both are not liable for the losses during the transit. Customers can refuse to accept the damaged or broken cargo.

Open cover cargo insurance policy: It includes coverage against different types of cargoes and consignments. Single trips and voyages are covered in this type of insurance policy.

Specific cargo insurance: This type of insurance policy covers only particular type of cargo.  So, you have to check it from the insurer about the insurance cover for the specific cargo that you want to dispatch.

There are few more types of insurance covers for the marine cargoes. Check out with the insurance companies for the best insurance cover that protects your consignment from losses. It is the best way to create a better image of your company and maintain profitability of your business.

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